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All eyes on the playoffs
Spartak lost in the last game of the regular season.

Our coaches gave a rest to the leaders of the team Sergei Shirokov and Robin Hanzl and gave a chance to youngsters for the last game of the regular season that meant nothing for both teams.

Ilya Talaluyev was moved to the first line and he opened the scoreboard on the third minute of the play. At the end of the period, Anton Zlobin scored his first goal of the season during the powerplay. We twice survived in the 3-on-5 formation and then in even-strength gifted Vityaz a breakaway chance.

Soon Anatoly Nikontsev restored our 2-goal lead. Vityaz answered back quickly. They dominated in the third period. With 2:47 left to play our ex-forward Kaspars Daugavins scored from the penalty shot to give Vityaz the first lead of the night. At last minute Justin Danforth sent an empty-netter.

Spartak will come back to action on March 3 against CSKA in the first round of playoffs.

Spartak – Vityaz 3:5 (2:0, 1:2, 0:3)

Goals: 1:0 Talaluyev (Lehtera, 02:34), 2:0 Zlobin (Tsyplakov, Nikontsev, 14:39, PP), 2:1 Grebenshchikov (24:31), 3:1 Nikontsev (Tsyplakov, Rylov, 29:06, PP), 3:2 Bardakov (Vorobey, Moiseyev, 33:26, PP), 3:3 Popov (Pylenkov, Voronkov, 50:26), 3:4 Daugavins (57:13, PS), 3:5 Danforth (Jerabek, Dergachyov, 59:22, EN)

Goalies: Hudacek - Ezhov